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I was playing with my guitar
Trying to make a melody
But it sounded so bad
That I will never want to play again.

I want to sing you a song
Sad, I croak worst than a frog
Being tone deaf was enough
But a frog? That’s it.

I was meant to sing in the showers
Where my listeners were droplets of water
Out from the shower head
Drowning my croaks, making it sound better.

Random words came out of my mouth
Working together with tunes in my head
Singing a song no one has heard of
As it was only meant for you.

I am willing to sacrifice
Anything and everything I have
To provide you with everything
And to fulfill your desire.

“That isn’t love,” they say
“That is stupidity and sillyness”
For giving you everything
Everything that I have.

“What if he hurts you,” they asked
If it ever does happen
I will just fall really hard
And never stand up again.




lisa l.
2000 hours

Last saw you yesterday,
But I’m already missing you,
I know it is not good
‘Cos I felt like stalking
Just to catch a glimpse of you.

I tried to buy 15 minutes from you,
Knowing it is an impossible feat,
I made up stories
Leaving you to wonder more
But I think you figured it out.

Nervousness was what I felt
While waiting for you at the door,
That feeling was killing me inside,
Uncertain of your reaction,
Unsure if you were up for surprises.

I hope you love surprises
And will not be mad about it
‘Cos I intend to give you more
Even if it is the same one
Over and over again.


lisa l.
1920 hours
petaling street

Time flies so fast
It seemed like we have only started yesterday
But little did we know
It’s already a month and 4 weeks

I thank God for you
You gave me life
When my world was crumbling down
When I thought it was the end

It is you who planted flowers in my soul
It is you who shined the path for me
It is you who showed me what love is
It is you who talked to me of forever

Everyday is a blessing for me
As God gave me a day more
To continue loving you
Like everyday is my last

Infinity and beyond

Twitter introduces us to one another
Yahoo Messenger connects us further
Hotlink and DiGi strengthens the connection
And not to forget Celcom too!

I know this does not rhyme
It is not that I do not have time
It is just that without these tools
Cupid would not be knocking on our doors

I owe you, Twitter
I heart you, Yahoo Messenger
I thank you, Hotlink, DiGi and Celcom too
And high five Cupid!

lisa l.

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